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Our 6 week series of classes is 60 euros.

Please check with the teacher to ensure that the class is going ahead and/or has space available before arriving at the studio.

We run Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes. All Yoga classes concentrate on the use of the breath to move and to work into the postures. We have Beginners, Continuation and Improvers classes. We are inspired by the teachers and students whom we've come in contact with through the world of Yoga, Pilates, Wellness and Fitness, and we bring those positive teachings to our classes every week. 

We also have Yoga 4 Runners and Yogalates Fusion classes. Please see our timetable page for more details. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before class start time. This is normally enough time to ensure you are checked in and have filled out the screening form BELOW and can get set up for the class. We can also email you the screening form so you can have the form completed before the class start.


Interested in Yoga in the Workplace as part of your Corporate Wellness programme?

Yoga has many benefits, including:

- Increased vitality

- Stress reduction

- Increased awareness

- Increased flexibility and strength

- Injury prevention

- Weight management

Having worked in the high technology sector, and now running his own successful Yoga business, Dave has the experience and facilitation skills to benefit any wellness programme at the workplace.

Convenient turnkey packages to suit to different workplace arrangements.


Contact Dave directly on 085 1069414.



While training for my first marathon, I found myself suffering from stiffness in my legs and hips after the longer runs.  A friend, who had already been going, suggested I join Dave's “High Performance Training & Yoga” classes.  I found almost immediate improvement in my hips and legs but have also improved my general flexibility and strengthened my core muscles. Dave has constantly introduced fresh ideas, targeting different parts of the body and upped the tempo as we have improved.  I have just completed my second marathon, injury free.

 Michael K.

 I would highly recommend Dave and Cait at Get A Grip Studio in Westport. It does not matter what level of fitness or type of sport you are involved in, you will find huge benefits and improvements. I find it benefits me to improve my flexibility and keep me injury free, especially last year when I trained for my first Ironman. 

 Fergal M.

 A brilliant class which I first started attending just short of 18 months ago and can honestly say that it has been worth it!  High Performance Training has combined various aspects such as improved core strength, increased flexibility, improved body toning and a general "feel good" factor.  Classes differ from day to day, offering variety and the odd surprise which makes some classes more challenging than others. Dave is an excellent instructor and he emphasises the importance of doing every exercise with the correct technique.  You get more out of the exercise and at the same time preventing any possible injuries. He is constantly monitoring every individual and guiding and helping where necessary. It is a challenging class, very enjoyable and the early morning classes are a fantastic way to start the day. 

 Carol C.



You can download our Screening Form here: