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Life is all about Balance


There's a lot to be said for a plant-based and wholefoods diet. I have been ‪#‎dairy‬-free and red meat free for a long time and really see the benefits. I admit, I occasionally eat ‪#‎fish‬. It has to be ‪#‎wild‬ rather than ‪#‎farmed‬.


But as I move towards a predominantly plant-based diet I am learning a lot more about how to get the most nutrients out of the fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds that I consume. I'm learning about acidic versus alkaline foods and how certain foods cause inflammation in the body.


It's a culinary adventure which I am cataloging in my Twitter posts @GetAGripLife and through my Facebook page Get A Grip and posting to my website -


Did you know that the people who live the longest, they live beyond 90 years of age, have a mostly plant-based and wholefoods diet? Fish - freshly caught, also features. I guess long life is about the 80/20 rule, mostly good with a wobble every now and again. Check out Blue Zones for more information.


My own journey makes for a very interesting cooking and sometimes, raw food experience.


Check out the 'lifestyle journey' and follow my adventures at Get A Grip over the coming months where I'll also be looking at taking food from 'garden-fork', as we grow our own food from our back garden and bring it to the plate.







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This article is an opinion piece and is not meant as specific advice. Please consult with your physician or physiotherapist before modifying your exercise plan. For more about Get A Grip Adventures, please visit our website on