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Yoga and Sport

With the growth in the outdoor industry, adventure racing and triathlons in Ireland it is inevitable that the rate of sports specific injuries will increase. Indeed, from my own experience as an Outdoor Instructor in the near past, I've seen a wide range of injury problems as a result of poor form, incorrect posture and repetitive strain. These types of problems are very evident in sports such as; hill walking, running, rock climbing, soccer, football, rugby, surfing, mountain running and kayaking.

Indeed my own journey to getting qualified as a kayak instructor led to a repetitive strain injury in my shoulder, which was only corrected through months of rehabilitation exercises and my daily yoga practice.

That brings me to my next point. It was the daily yoga practice that got me thinking about how essential it is for people engaging in vigorous sports activity, to not only warm up and cool down, but also to get into the habit of performing Activity Specific Functional Movement.That's where yoga comes in.

Yoga really is a fantastic mind, body, soul exercise, combining everything from meditation, breath awareness, dynamic and static postures, to mindfulness about the task at hand. And now that the cooler weather is upon us, it is even more important to make that mind-body connection before climbing the crag, doing an eskimo roll or hanging ten.

So, why not start with a very basic Sun Salutation, which you can check out on Yoga Journal, and discover the powerful benefits of yoga.


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This article is an opinion piece and is not meant as specific advice. Please consult with your physician or physio before beginning or modifying your exercise plan.

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